Our Services

We at Liberty Auto Center, a full-service repair shop, have designed the best automobile services to give the highest-quality workmanship to our customers. You can count on Liberty Auto Center for consistently excellent service. No matter what type of vehicle you currently drive – new or old – we can solve any issues with the engine, tires, air conditioning, or brakes. If, on the other hand, you need a state automotive inspection, our experienced technicians will sweep your vehicle from top to bottom, ensuring everything is in order and up to current standards. We are committed to helping you maintain an efficient vehicle that will run well for the long-term.

Some of our current services include:

  • Tire repair
  • Steering and suspension
  • Maryland State Inspection
  • Emissions systems repair
  • B.S. and airbag diagnostics
  • Fleet service programs
  • Shocks &struct replacement
  • Transmission fluid flush
  • Power steering flush
  • Tire rotation
  • Mount & balance
  • Car wash service


Liberty Auto Tire Services

At Liberty Auto Center, we understand how important it is to partner with a Maryland maintenance shop that’s qualified to handle all of your needed automobile upkeep, including regular tire inspection and maintenance.  We’re pleased to manage all of your tire needs, from rotation and repair, to mounting and balancing, to eventual tire replacement.  When you need a trusted Maryland auto repair specialist that can keep your tires in ship shape, Liberty Auto Center is the just what you’ve been looking for. Read More


Maintaining Your Tires at a Qualified Tire Repair Shop in Maryland

You know that the wheels on your car are designed to withstand the pressures of force and friction placed upon them in order to deliver a smooth ride.  When they’re working properly, you won’t give them a second thought.  It’s not until you start veering, feeling every bump, or you experience a blowout that you’ll wonder if you should have paid more attention to tire maintenance.

The good news is, you can get a leg up when you partner with a reputable Maryland maintenance shop like Liberty Auto Center that offers tire services.  Tires are resilient, but not indestructible, and your best chance to enjoy optimal tire performance and longevity is with the aid of a trusted tire repair shop in Maryland.  Why is this maintenance so important? Read More


Why We Are Best

At Liberty Auto Center, we have worked tirelessly since our doors first opened to offer the highest quality service at an affordable rate for our customers. We have affordably priced each auto repair service and car wash service we have available, so you receive the most value from our business. Whether you require tire rotations or full engine repairs, car wash services or interior cleaning, you can trust that you will receive high-quality service.

Chuck and Troy Parcelles gathered the very best industrial professionals in the community to form Liberty Auto Center. Our experienced team of certified technicians and managers constantly work to better our business and your vehicles.

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If you need to schedule an appointment for auto repair service or car wash service, give us a call today at 240-686-6613 (Flower Hill) or 240-912-5626 (Redland). Our friendly customer representatives are awaiting your call today!