Fleet Service Program

Vehicle fleet Servicing & Repair

Businesses that rely on fleets of trucks and company cars can’t afford too much downtime. To keep continuous operations, business owners need a solution to keep their vehicles in reliable shape, one that handles all primary maintenance and quickly gets their vehicles back out on the road.

Liberty Auto Center provides the most complete fleet servicing in Maryland. We inspect and adjust every part of your vehicles to keep them running at peak performance. Our ASE-certified technicians examine and repair every car or truck in your fleet, fixing mechanical issues and preventing problems before they start. We do it all with precise attention to detail and first-rate customer service.

What types of vehicle fleet servicing does Liberty Auto Center offer?

When it comes to vehicles, even the smallest issue can lead to unwanted repairs. With all the responsibility business vehicles carry, taking them out of commission for serious issues can have a severe impact on your business’s bottom line.

Liberty Auto Center’s fleet servicing covers every aspect and component of all the cars and trucks in your fleet, with precise attention to the details unique to service vehicles.

Liberty Auto Center’s fleet servicing program includes all the auto maintenance checkpoints we offer, including:

  • Oil and fluid changes
  • Tire repair
  • Brakes
  • Alignment
  • Electrical
  • Steering
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Emissions systems
  • Mount and balance

If there’s a special consideration the vehicles in your fleet need, talk to the experts at Liberty Auto Center to find out how we can adjust our service to address those concerns.

How Liberty Auto Center’s fleet servicing in Maryland works

Customer service is at the heart of every great auto repair shop. Liberty Auto Center pays attention to the needs of our fleet service customers who oversee the needs of multiple vehicles.

Fleet vehicles are tied directly into the success of a company’s business, and as such have different usages and service requirements than privately owned cars. Every step in Liberty Auto Center’s fleet service addresses those needs from top to bottom. We’re experts in working with the special parts that make your business fleet unique.

To start with fleet servicing, call Liberty Auto Center or contact us through our website. We’ll give you all the information, walk you through the process, and put your fleet on our priority list for fast and complete service.

What benefits do owners get from fleet services in Maryland?

Fleet servicing is a comprehensive and convenient way for business owners to keep company cars, vans, and trucks in top operating condition. Benefits from fleet services in Maryland include:

  • Safer vehicles. Routine maintenance is the backbone of keeping vehicles running, and it’s even more important for businesses that depend on a fleet of multiple vehicles. Fleet servicing helps protect the drivers and inventory your vehicles carry in all driving conditions and situations.
  • Consistent service. Organizing fleet repairs and servicing through one repair shop means every one of your vehicles gets the same elevated level of attention to every detail, from technicians who are familiar with every feature and need of your company cars or trucks.
  • Competitive pricing. Our fleet servicing package saves our customers money over taking single vehicles in for individual maintenance.
  • Priority servicing. Keeping your business up and running is as important to us as it is to you. With Liberty Auto Center’s priority status for fleet servicing customers, we get all your vehicles road-ready in short order, so your business doesn’t miss a beat.

What types of vehicles can get Liberty Auto Center’s vehicle fleet services?

Vehicle fleets come in every configuration, from compacts and sedans to semi-trailers and specially equipped vans. A comprehensive fleet servicing plan handles all the various vehicles that a business uses, and that’s what Liberty Auto Center provides.

Whatever the size and types of vehicles in your company fleet, Liberty Auto Center’s fleet servicing package covers all of it, including:

  • Delivery cars and trucks
  • Semis and trailer trucks
  • Maintenance vehicles
  • Public utility fleets
  • Worksite trucks
  • Government vehicles
  • Rental cars
  • Taxi fleets
  • Corporate company cars

Call Liberty Auto Center to find out more information about the services we offer for your specific type of vehicle fleet.

Liberty Auto Center has over five decades of experience as Maryland’s most professional and reliable one-stop auto shop. Our long-time customers rely on our high standards and personal attention. We extend that individual care to our fleet servicing clients whose cars, trucks, and vans keep the local economy rolling. Contact us today to find out more about a fleet servicing routine that works for your business.