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The State of Maryland requires that used vehicles be inspected and certified before being sold or transferred to a new owner. Sellers obtain a Certificate of Inspection from an authorized inspection station, and the buyer or transferee submits this certificate to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) to register the vehicle. New Maryland residents are also required to have their vehicles inspected before registration.

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Maryland State Vehicle Safety Inspections in Gaithersburg, MD

Maryland State Automotive Safety Inspections Gaithersburg, MDIf you have recently moved to Maryland or purchased a vehicle, you are required to have it inspected at an authorized inspection station.

New residents are required to have a vehicle safety inspection prior to being able to get their car registered. When you purchase a used vehicle prior to registration it is necessary to have your car inspected. A certificate must be dated within 90 days to have the vehicle registered.

If your vehicle failed its first Maryland Vehicle Safety Inspection you will have 30 days or 1,000 miles, whichever comes first, to get your car re-inspected. If you take longer than that you will have to have the car inspected again.

Depending on which items fail a re-inspection fee may apply.

When your vehicle passes inspection; the inspection is only valid for 90 days


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Frequently Asked Questions About Maryland Auto Inspection

Where can I get an auto safety inspection?

MVA only accepts inspection certificates from authorized safety inspection stations in Maryland. As an experienced Maryland state inspection shop, Liberty Auto Center provides thorough and reliable inspections.

What items are included in a Maryland State Inspection checklist?

Every Maryland state inspection shop, including Liberty Auto, must complete the items on MVA’s safety checklist, including:

  1. Steering. Inspect steering wheel, column, linkages, and power steering, and conduct a road test.
  2. Brakes. Inspect all system parts and test stopping distance.
  3. Suspension. Inspect shock absorbers or struts, torsion bar, springs, wheel bearing, spindle bolt, king pin, ball joints.
  4. Wheels. Check camber, toe and caster; nuts, studs, lugs; wheel and axle alignment.
  5. Tires. Inspect tire size, type, condition and tread depth.
  6. Fuel System. Check system for leaks, inspect fuel tank and operation of accelerator, hand throttle, choke.
  7. Exhaust. Inspect muffler, piping and manifold to confirm proper mounting and no leaks.
  8. Electrical. Inspect wiring and switches, battery cables and horn function.
  9. Lighting. Check all original equipment lighting and added lighting for functionality and compliance, including auxiliary/fog lights.
  10. General. Other inspection includes various features including emissions equipment; CV boots; gear selection indicator; speedometer and odometer; driver’s seat and safety belts; doors, latches, hinges and handles; vehicle hood and latch; windshield wipers, mirrors and vehicle glazing (windows).


What can I expect from the inspection I receive at Liberty Auto?

  • Thorough inspection from a certified auto technician. Our people are professionals who watch the details.
  • Inspection report. This report shows the vehicle parts or systems examined and whether they have met Maryland’s standards for function and safety.
  • Certificate or failure. If your vehicle passes, you’ll receive a Certificate of Inspection directly. If the report identifies issues with your vehicle, you’ll have to have the problems fixed and the vehicle re-inspected by the same inspector at the same authorized station.
  • Re-inspection. A re-inspection fee may apply unless the repair(s) can be visually verified without additional testing.


How long does a Maryland auto safety inspection usually take?

Your inspection will be completed in one or two hours. While MVA’s inspection checklist is extensive, the Liberty Auto Center staff is very efficient.

What are my options for getting repairs done to meet the requirements for a Maryland Certificate of Inspection?

You have several options:

  • Fix the problem yourself. But remember: Your repairs must pass re-inspection. Unless you’re trained and equipped to work on today’s automobiles, leave the big stuff to the professionals.
  • Having the inspection station fix the problem. At Liberty Auto, we’re fully prepared to address any issue.
  • Taking the vehicle to another facility for repairs. You’re not obligated to fix your vehicle where it’s inspected, though it might be most convenient to do so.

My car is unregistered. How do I bring it in for an inspection?

You’ll need a temporary, 30-day registration that will allow you to drive to and from the inspection. You can obtain this temporary registration through the website.

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