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Car Air Conditioning Problems & Repair

Car Air Conditioning Problems & RepairThe summer months are only bearable because we have access to air conditioning in our vehicles. Without an air conditioning system, the drive to and from work could be too much for most people to handle. At Liberty Auto Center, we understand the level of discomfort that can come from not having air conditioning in your car. Our extensive auto AC repair service ensures no one in the community has to go without cold, fresh air when the heat rises outside.

Auto Air Conditioning Service

When your air conditioning works correctly, your vehicle is a much more comfortable environment. You should hunt down the nearest service center for auto AC repair immediately if your system isn’t functioning properly. Older model vehicles tend to require air conditioning repair more often. Don’t end up without a proper cooling system in your car. Come visit us today!

Some of the most common problems regarding car AC repair include refrigerant leaks, a worn out compressor, or malfunctions in the vehicle’s electrical system. Whatever the issue, our expert technicians will examine the system and perform a car AC repair for you.

Auto AC Recharge Service

In some vehicles, the air conditioning simply needs to be recharged to ensure it continues functioning as it should. This process is rather easy. It involves evacuating the air conditioning system, then recharging the system using new Freon. Our technicians will inspect the vehicle’s system pressure and temperature control, ensuring everything is in working order before we return the car.


Like all our car repair services, Liberty Auto Center believes in pricing our auto AC repair service competitively and affordably for the community. We enjoy fostering a relationship with our customers, ensuring we offer quality service they can afford.

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