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Auto air conditioner repair and recharging

Liberty Auto AC Repair

The heat of the summer can feel so good, but as temperatures rise it can become uncomfortable or even dangerous. The hottest place of all is inside your vehicle. Liberty Auto Centers of Rockville and Flower Hill Maryland knows how critical it is to have your air conditioner in good working order during the summer months. Experts in air conditioner maintenance as well as repair, Liberty Auto Centers will work with you to ensure that your vehicle is cool inside when you need it.

Why do cars get so hot?
The inside of your car is like a greenhouse. Sunlight comes in through the windows and is absorbed and trapped. Temperatures are always higher inside of a car, and in the summer there have been extreme examples where a dashboard got so hot that it was used to bake cookies! This intense environment is dangerous, especially for young children, the elderly, and pets. It can be unbearable for all of us. What can you do to stay safe and stay cool during the summer?

There are ways to reduce the intensity of the heat inside of a vehicle. Park in a shaded spot, use a shade to cover the windshield, crack the windows open a few inches. Even doing all of these things, it is the car’s air conditioning system that will make the difference, reducing the temperature, cooling down the interior, and creating a safe and bearable driving environment. If the air conditioning stops cooling, has weak airflow, or stops blowing altogether you need experts to determine the problem and get it working again.

Air Conditioning Repair and Recharge
Common air conditioning issues include refrigerant leaks, worn out compressors, hoses, fans, or seals, or malfunctions in the vehicle’s electrical system. These can result in hot air or low to no airflow. The lack of cool air hits hardest in the summer heat on road trips, family vacations, and weekend drives, but every single trip in the car is affected, from the daily commute to picking up ice cream at the grocery store. Liberty Auto Centers has expert technicians who will diagnose the issue and recommend repairs. Some air conditioning simply needs to be recharged using new Freon. Liberty Auto Centers with locations in both Rockville and Flower Hill Maryland is committed to making air conditioner repairs that will restore the system to working order and make driving safe and bearable again.

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