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Get Your Car Ready for Holiday Travel

Liberty Auto Centers - Holiday Travel Tips

Many Americans will hit the road for holiday travel over the next month. With estimates approaching 51 million holiday travelers, and almost 90% of them planning a road trip of 50 miles or more, there will be an incredibly large number of automobiles covering an exponentially greater number of miles across our fair land. Unfortunately, AAA expects to rescue almost 400,000 of those motorists over the holiday, with the top 2 reasons for roadside assistance calls being dead batteries and tire problems. Therefore, the expert technicians at Liberty Auto Centers in Gaithersburg and Rockville, Maryland, have provided some traveling tips to help ensure drivers stay safe and prepared for their upcoming journeys. Here is a pre-trip checklist for success.

  • Quick Check Up and Inspection: The pros at Liberty Auto Centers recommend bringing your car in and having them check the charge of your car’s battery, tire tread and pressure (including that of the spare tire), headlight functionality and visibility, windshield wiper blade capability, and the condition of belts and hoses.  Also make sure that all fluid levels are filled to proper specifications, as well as inspecting the condition of the brakes and brake pads. Another suggestion is to fill the fuel tank prior to departure!
  • Emergency Preparedness: Liberty Auto Center service techs advocate putting together a travel kit in case of potential emergencies, including items such as jumper cables, a flashlight, road flares, and a fire extinguisher, in addition to such standard items as a tire gauge and, of course, the owner’s manual specific to your car, truck, or van. A first aid kit and a blanket are also recommended, along with a cell phone charger. Remember that it’s also a good idea to have the roadside assistance phone number handy. It’s generally located on the back of your proof of auto insurance card – another item to make sure is always on board! Consider adding the number to your cell phone contacts, although hopefully you won’t have to use it.
  • Weather Forecast: Check the weather report for all areas you will be traveling through for potential delays or closures, being careful to include tire chains should the forecast call for icy or snowy conditions this Thanksgiving holiday. Keep your cell phone charged to check the weather apps for regular updates, as well as the map apps for travel slowdowns or detours. The specialists at Liberty Auto Centers also advise auto drivers to verify the presence and condition of the jack and all other tire tools.

Make sure to follow the quick and easy steps on this checklist to avoid any major complications on your holiday road trip and to guarantee the maximum enjoyment of your trip to visit family, friends, and the turkey in its place of honor on the table. If you’re in the Maryland area, drop by either of our Redland or Flower Hill location, respectively located in Rockville or Gaithersburg, and can take care of any of your car care needs before you travel.  And from all of us at Liberty Auto Centers, Happy Holidays!


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