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Top 5 Car Care Tips For Summer

summer trip needing auto repair service

Top 5 Car Care Tips For Summer

Summer is here and with the sunshine season comes stop and go traffic for festivals, summer events, and longer travels. It’s a good idea to bring your car into see us for routine maintenance before beginning your summer fun. It’s time to check on several of the core systems in your vehicle to keep your car running smoothly and safely on the road this summer.

  1. Check Your Cooling System

The biggest cause for breakdowns in the summer is an overheated engine. This component of your vehicle is vital to the running of your engine. It is generally recommended that the cooling system be flushed every two years. Coolant helps to keep the system operating at optimum  temperature in the hot summer months. It’s very important to keep an eye on your coolant level and get some added as needed. Just remember, when your engine is hot do not open the radiator cap or coolant lid.

  1. Check Your Oil

Your engine’s oil should be changed every 3,000-5,000 miles depending on what model and year of vehicle you have. It is a good idea to check your oil levels before embarking on a long trip anywhere. A lubricated engine helps to prevent damage and unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle. Engine oil naturally breaks down over time and in older vehicles can leak out. Minding your oil levels helps keel friction and heat down as you drive down the road.

  1. Cool Breezes

Air conditioning is so helpful in the hot summer sun. A/C can cost a bit when it comes to fuel economy, however it can cost less than the alternative. When you have your windows down drag is increased on your car, which affects fuel economy a bit more. If your rolling down your windows because your air isn’t cool enough it may be time to get your A/C system checked. You may have a leak in your system, you may need to add refrigerant, or if you have an air filtered system it may be time to have that serviced. Keeping air cool is definitely a comfort priority.

  1. Tires

It may be time for a rotation. Generally it’s recommended that tires be rotated about every 5,000 miles. It’s also a good idea to check tire pressure monthly. However, if your temperatures and air pressure change regularly, maybe even weekly. Poorly inflated tires cause unnecessary wear and can cause poor handling therefore impacting your fuel economy. Also be sure to check the air in your spare tire too. There’s not much point to putting a spare on your car when the spare is already flat.

  1. Battery Check

Some people don’t think it’s necessary to check their batteries in the summer. It’s actually just as important in the summer as it is in the winter. High heats and overcharging can make your batteries life shorter. If you want to get the most out of your electrical system and battery make sure your battery is charged correctly and at the correct rate.


If your looking to have your vehicle serviced for the summer look no further than our shop! Our service department can take care of you and keep your car running smoothly!


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