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Winter Weatherproof Your Car

winter proof auto repair

Winter is just around the corner, and the inclement weather it brings can wreak havoc on your automobile. Make sure your car is ready for the worst that Jack Frost has to offer by checking out these practical tips and make a plan now to get them taken care of before the snow flies!


  • Change the oil: This is something you should be doing on a regular basis when needed, but in the winter months it’s especially important. In fact, you may need to change the type of oil you use altogether. Check with the technicians at Liberty Auto Center to find out what viscosity should be used in freezing temperatures. Generally, you’ll need a thinner oil in the winter, so let the pros check out your vehicle and take of this for you.
  • Check the engine coolant: Let the car care techs at Liberty Auto Center determine the proper antifreeze ratio for your vehicle and either top off level or replace it completely.
  • Inspect the battery: Cold temperatures mean your engine needs more current from the battery in order to start, so you’ll want the professionals at Liberty to test the charge to make sure the battery is functioning properly. It may be time for a new one, which can be replaced in a snap. You’ll also want to have the cables checked for cracks or breakages, as well as having a look at the battery fluid, too.
  • Replace the washer fluid and the windshield wipers: Visibility during rain, snow, and sleet is a critical safety factor. If the wipers are starting to look a little haggard be sure to have them replaced before the first big snow storm of the season hits. Blades should be changed out every 6 to 12 months.
  • Get a basic tune-up: Your vehicle should get a tune-up roughly every 30,000 miles. If that tune-up falls during the winter months, head to one of Liberty Auto Centers’ two locations (in Gaithersburg or Rockville, Maryland) a little early just to make sure everything is in good shape. Have one of our mechanics check your car’s belts and hoses, ignition, brakes, wiring, fan belts, spark plugs, air, fuel and emission filters, and the PCV valve.
  • Check the defroster and heater: You really need your defroster and heater to function properly in order to drive safely in the winter, whether it’s a road trip to visit family or just a quick trip to the grocery store. Visibility and warmth are critical for successful driving in cold or snowy weather.
  • Examine the tires: If you frequently drive in tough conditions in the winter, good tires with a thick tread tires are absolutely imperative. For particularly perilous conditions you may require snow tires. The technicians at Liberty Auto Centers specialize in tire inspection, rotation, and repair.
  • Get your car detailed: If you’re worried about your car’s paint job it’s a good idea to let the pros at Liberty Auto Centers pamper your vehicle with our ultra soft-touch FreeStyler wash system which will help protect the paint from snow and salt damage.


Your vehicle’s safety and performance on the road are important all year, but during the winter months there are the added elements of cold weather, wind, precipitation, and holiday traffic. Take the worry out of holiday travel by following the tips above and visiting Liberty Auto Centers to make sure your car is in tip top shape.


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