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5 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Car

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5 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Car

Spring is finally here! As we prepare to enjoy time out in the warm weather, we have to remember the damage that ice, salt, snow, and sand may have cause during those cold winter months. Even if you don’t live in a region that gets much if any snow, spring car care should be a part of everyone’s annual maintenance routine. Your car will love the spring cleaning and you’ll love the results when it’s clean, shiny and ready for spring.

Step 1 – Remove Your Winter Tires

As obvious as it may be, it can be something that we all put off. If you use winter tires, leaving them on all year can actually cause damage and can even be dangerous. Winter tires contain a different rubber that can wear down more quickly on roads that are clear of ice. So when roads are getting warm and dry, it’s time to change out your tires.

Step 2 – Clean Your Trunk

For most of us that are on the go all of the time, a lot of useless stuff can pile up in our cars. After winter there are can be many cold winter items that you no longer need to carry with you, or that you can simply toss. Now is the time to gather the rubbish and recycle as much as possible. After you get all of the stuff out, use the vacuum to remove an debris, dust, and dirt that was left behind. Don’t forget to shake out the trunk carpet liner. It’s time to clean up and clear out for the warmer spring months!

Step 3 – Clean Out The Inside

When you are ready to clean out the inside, make sure you don’t use any harsh chemicals that can cause damage. For example, wipe seats down with a wet cloth and then dry them off. Lift up the floor mats and clean the underneath. Just how much is under there may surprise you. Also check under the seats and vacuum out all the dirt and salt that may have gotten in during the winter months. Salt can do major damage in the long run.

Step 4 – Check Under Your Hood

A surprising amount of dirt can get into your engine and case cause damage if it gets trapped. A clean engine always extends the life of your vehicle and can help prevent mechanical issues later. When cleaning under the hood make sure the engine is off and preferably cold. Make sure to remove all battery cables and be careful while you work in the engine compartment with light soap and water. To ensure that water doesn’t get into sensitive areas, don’t forget to dry everything off.

Step 5 – Give You Card A Good Wash

Get rid of the salt, the mud, and the dust. Give it a good wash. We offer multiple car wash packages that can make cleaning the outside of your car easy and affordable. Spring car washing is a must! Do it for yourself and for your car. Nothing quite like a freshly cleaned and shiny car!


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