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6 Signs That You Might Need New Shocks

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Bad or worn shocks can turn any afternoon easy drive into an unsafe nightmare. Shocks do more than just make your ride smooth. They have a much more important purpose – to keep you in control of your vehicle. If you consistently experience some of these issues, it may be time to see if you need new shock absorbers.

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Does your car swerve in the wind? Unless your driving through extremely hard winds, which is not advised, this might mean that your shocks are worn out. You shouldn’t have to correct your car in minor breezes. If your shocks are leaking or worn your car can become unsteady on the road in the wind.

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Can you brake smoothly? If you know your brakes are good, but when you brake normally the nose of your car dips down or worse swerves, the shocks may be to blame. Be extra careful in rainy weather as this can be even more prominent.

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When you drive over small bumps does your car shake extra or make a ton of extra noise? Worn shocks cannot soften bumps on the road. Shocks decide how the vibrations from going over bumps is distributed. When they are worn out you will feel and can even hear these bumps a lot more.

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Does it take longer than it should for you to brake? Your brakes aren’t the only thing that help slow you down. Worn shocks also increase the distance required to slow down adequately, sometimes by as much as 20%. This symptom may have you coming in thinking you need new brakes, but you may in fact need new shocks. Our experienced technicians can spot the difference for you.

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Do your tires look uneven? Worn shocks can cause your tires to wear unevenly because they can’t keep your tires firmly and evenly on the road. Wear may be patchy, or just completely uneven across your tires. Worse yet, uneven wear on your tires can make it more likely for you to hydroplane in wet weather, or even leave you stuck with an unexpected flat tire.

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Are your arms and hands extra tired after driving? Do you feel like you’ve been having to hold on tight to control your car? While naturally uneven surfaces cause bumps and vibrations, it should go away quickly as soon as you are back on the smooth roadway. If you have consistent vibration, it might be time to get your shocks checked. Especially if you are on the highway often. At higher speeds, vibrations can get stronger and can even hamper your ability to steer and control your vehicle.

If you feel that your car has several of these signs, it may be time to come in and have your shocks checked! Come on in and get your smooth ride back today!


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