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The Long Haul | Preventative Maintenance


Preventative Maintenance Helps Your CarRegular preventative maintenance is the single most efficient way to ensure your vehicles rides happy and saves you money on repairs down the road. Not everyone agrees on what preventative maintenance is exactly, however, what you should do, and when it should be performed. If you have ever spent time working on a car, you’ve probably been told not to forego preventative maintenance. The basics, such as checking oil, tire pressure, and scheduling inspections are simple. They keep your vehicle healthy and on the road.

Reap the Benefits

Vehicles require two major types of service: preventative maintenance and repairs. Repairs include any major fix required for the vehicle’s systems to run efficiently. Preventative maintenance, on the other hand, includes types of services designed to prevent drivers from having their vehicles in the shop for repairs often.

For starters, preventative maintenance is usually cheaper. Drivers who perform maintenance on their vehicles save quite a bit of money each month. Changing out your oil is the single most beneficial preventative maintenance you can perform. Fresh oil helps the engine run optimally and gives technicians the chance to check for other measures that must be taken to help the vehicle run.

Basic Preventative Maintenance Checklist

As a vehicle owner, there are a variety of tasks you are responsible for handling, including:

  • Tire inflation – You should keep your tires properly inflated. This task can improve your gas mileage.
  • Clean fluids – It is important to ensure all fluids, including lubricants and cleaners, are fresh and clean on occasion.
  • Wash and wax – Believe it or not, keeping your car clean can protect from corrosion and look good!

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